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هيكساكوسيويهيكسيكونتاهيكسافوبيا ...حقيقه ام مجرد اوهام ؟؟

الخوف من الرقم 666
 (بالإنجليزية: Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia، وينطق هيكساكوسيويهيكسيكونتاهيكسافوبيا) هو نوع من الرهاب، حيث كان بعضالمسيحيين في الأزمنة القديمة يخاف من هذا الرقم الذي يوصف بأنه رقم الوحش بسبب الاعتقاد أنه يشير إلى الشيطان أو المسيح الدجال كما ذكر في الآية 13:18 من رؤيا يوحنا. وقد توجد حالات محدودة لهذا الرهاب في عصرنا الحديث، أو حتى في أوساط غير المسيحيين، فقد انتشر هذا الرهاب مع انتشار شعبية أفلام الرعب حيث ورد في العديد منها مثل فيلم نذير الشؤم 

In Mathematics
666 is the sum of the first 36 natural numbers (i.e.  1 + 2 + 3+ ... + 34 + 35 + 36 = 666), and thus a triangular number.
Since 36 is both square and triangular, 666 is the sixth number of the form n^2(n^2+1)/2 (sequence A037270 in OEIS) and the eighth number of the form n(n+1)(n^2+n+2)/8 (doubly triangular numbers) (sequence A002817 in OEIS).
The number of prime numbers up to 666 is 121, which is the square of 11, which is the number of prime numbers up to 36.
666 is an abundant number.
The harmonic mean of the decimal digits of 666 is (trivially — all repdigit natural numbers have this property) an integer: 3/(1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6) = 6, making 666 the 54th number with this property.
In base 10, 666 is a repdigit (and therefore a palindromic number) and a Smith number. A prime reciprocal magic square based on 1/149 in base 10 has a magic total of 666.
The Roman numeral for 666, DCLXVI, has exactly one occurrence of all symbols whose value is less than 1000 (D=500, C=100, L=50, X=10, V=5, I=1).
(60 and 360 were used as bases in Babylonian mathematics, as in the degrees of a circle; 360=10x36 and 666 is the sum of the numbers from 1 to 36.)
666 is 1010011010 in the binary numeral system which is the same as its one's complement in reverse digit order.
666 is a member of the indices of prime Pandovan numbers: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 14, 19, 30, 37, 84, 128, 469, 666, 1262, 1573, 2003, 2210, ... (sequence A112882 in OEIS).
The sine of the angle 666° multiplied by -2 is equal to the golden ratio:

In Religion

The Number of the Beast

666 is often associated with the Devil.
In the Textus Receptus manuscripts of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation (13:17-18) cryptically asserts 666 to be "the number of a man," associated with the beast, an antagonistic creature that appears briefly about two-thirds into the apocalyptic vision.
In modern popular culture, 666 has become one of the most widely recognized symbols for the Antichrist or, alternatively, the Devil. The number 666 is reportedly used to invoke Lucifer (Satan) the dark spirit of seething rage. Earnest references to the number occur both among apocalypticist Christiangroups and in explicitly anti-Christian subcultures. References in contemporary Western art or literature are, more likely than not, intentional references to the Beast symbolism. Such popular references are therefore too numerous to list.
It is not uncommon to see the symbolic role of the integer 666 transferred to the digit sequence 6-6-6. Some people take the Satanic associations of 666 so seriously that they actively avoid things related to 666 or the digits 6-6-6. This is known as hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.
In some early biblical manuscripts, the number is cited as 616.

Other occurrences

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