Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How Can You Pass a Drug Test

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Urinate Before the Test
Your first urination of the day is going to be the one with the most toxins and metabolites that will result in a positive drug test. Make sure you get the first one out about an hour or two before the test. You'll buy yourself some time at the testing facility while you wait until you're able to pee, and the sample should contain less toxins. If you're still worried about passing the test, then try out some of the other tips on this list!

Forget Your ID
If you are sprung with a surprise drug test, you should "forget" to bring your ID. Hide your ID and say that you misplaced it, or claim that you accidentally left your wallet at home. Government-issued photo identification is required for all legal drug tests, so they will have reschedule the test for another time. You'll at least buy yourself a few precious hours, and you could even earn a couple extra days to prepare. Take that extra time to come up with a plan.

Drink Water
No matter your circumstances, it won't hurt to drink some water. Water will help flush the metabolites of almost any drug right out of your system. If you found out about the drug test on very short notice, this might be your only course of action. Drinking large amounts of water right before the test can dilute the urine sample enough to cause you to pass the test, or at the very least, a false negative, which will mean retaking the test at a later date.

B Vitamin
Lab technicians be very suspicious if your urine is as clear as Aquafina. Drink a B Vitamin supplement containing plenty of Riboflavin (B-2) about an hour before your test. Even if you've been chugging water, this will ensure that your urine has a nice yellow hue to it.

Diluting your urine sample by chugging gallons of water will also make your pee have very low creatinine levels. This chemical is the by-product of creatine metabolism in the muscles. Some labs will test these levels to see if you have tried to dilute the sample. Taking a creatine supplement the morning of the drug test will keep those levels closer to normal.

Use Diuretics
If you have some time before your drug test, then you can use diuretics. They cause your body to urinate more frequently, which means that urine has less time to absorb toxins from the body. Mild diuretics, such as dandelion and caffeine, will have a small effect. If you can get your hands on a prescription diuretic, such as Lasix (Furosemide), that's even better for removing metabolites from your body.

This one is controversial, but a limited amount of evidence suggests that you should take four aspirin a few hours before your urine test. Aspirin successfully blocks drug metabolites from being detected and helps to mask diluted urine by making it more acidic

Eat Fiber
Eating a high fiber diet in the weeks and days leading up to the test can cause a majority of THC to be excreted in your stool instead of urine. Eat beans, beans, and more beans to pass your test.

You are going to need a certain degree of luck to pass this test, no matter what you do. Wish upon a star, cross your fingers, say a prayer -- whatever you need to do.

Just Stay Clean
Of course, all these methods are only necessary if you do drugs in the first place. The easiest way to solve all of your dilemmas is to stay clean and avoid drug use (especially marijuana because it stays in your system for 4-6 weeks) if you are applying for jobs or already have a good job

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